Serious About Success

Serious About Success was created by Jay-Antony Hastings who is a successful digital marketer, property investor, speaker and coach. The reason why Jay created this program was purely because he identified a huge gap between those people wanting success and those who are really achieving success. Jay understood based on his own journey to financial freedom the person that he had to become in order to achieve great financial results. After creating a great flexible lifestyle and generating well over a million pounds in sales and commissions Jay set about creating a program designed to help everybody achieve their financial goals by instilling them with the mindset of champions.

Serious About Success is a training program used by successful entrepreneurs, business owners and high-performers to reach new heights in any successful venture. The company helps individuals that want to live a life with more purpose and bring the world to a higher level of standard through courses, mentorship and accountability. The SAS (Serious About Success) members are individuals dedicated to the improvement of their lives so that they can access opportunities for not just themselves, but also their families.

Follow our blueprint to increase the mindset around achieving wealth, improve your perspective, and change the lives of people around you. Success has a different definition to each of our members, but they all use the same blueprint to reach the goals that they set out to achieve.

Meet Our founder

Jay has spoken in front of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners and successful individuals on some of the biggest stages in Europe specialising in the mindset and practices followed by the very best in their respective fields. 

Jay-Antony Hastings

Jay guides his students by creating a step-by-step program that is helping people from all different backgrounds, understand the mindset to move forward and create massive wealth

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