Join me to find out exactly what is required to plan and execute your financial goals

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SAS Induction

This is your invitation to our next Join me on our next full 1-day workshop to learn exactly the mindset required in order for you to create financial success. 

Lot’s of people assume that they have the right mindset programmed for success. However, if you’re bank balance or net worth does not reflect this then unfortunately you don’t know as much as you think you know.

This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, business owners, high-performance individuals and people that have a dream who want to learn ‘what it takes’ to achieve the mindset of a high-achiever in any field.

The SAS Induction program built by Jay-Antony Hastings to help individuals find out who they really are and what gaps are stopping them from achieving the success they want, as well as practical steps to help change their financial life for the better.

If you are thinking about…

The fact is, creating financial freedom by yourself can be difficult.

But, it doesn’t have to be…

Jay-Antony Hastings has coached thousands of students over the years in the fields of digital marketing, as well as mindset.

Jay got fed up of watching people spend countless fortunes on courses which they are never going to make any money from. the reason why is because they don’t understand the mindset required to really benefit from the courses they’re buying.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of people go on to create financial success, purely because of them and their own mind.

So we’ve put together a training day to give you the best opportunity to reach the financial goals that you are looking for.

Give yourself the best chance of success and find out the habits, characteristics, traits and action that must be taken to stand any chance becoming financially free.

What Our Successful Students Say:

SAS Induction

Serious About Success was created by Jay-Antony Hastings who is a successful digital marketer, property investor, speaker and coach. The reason why Jay created this program was purely because he identified a huge gap between those people wanting success and those who are really achieving success. Jay understood based on his own journey to financial freedom the person that he had to become in order to achieve the financial results that he’s looking for. After creating a flexible lifestyle and generating well over a million pounds in sales and commissions Jay set about creating a program designed to help everybody achieve their financial goals by instilling them with the mindset of champions.

Option 1 – Standard Ticket

2 Attendees – Bring a family member/friend along or come alone, it’s up to you!


Option 2 – VIP PACKAGE

Everything in option 1, PLUS:


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