One area that will help you move things forward very, very quickly. Making sure that you are reaching the goals that you set out for yourself.

Is if you’ve got a solid person to hold you accountable. I’m not talking about anybody holding you accountable, because the chances of them actually caring or understanding what success for you looks like is highly unlikely. And if you don’t fulfil the goals they don’t really pay too much interest in your failure.

Instead, you should be looking for somebody that will hold you accountable. Even be disappointed when you don’t achieve your goals. Having somebody hold you accountable is really valuable in ensuring that you get stuff done. It’s all well and good saying that you’re going to do this and that, but unless you have somebody that’s holding you accountable to those the tasks the likelihood of you achieving such a monumental push forward is low at best.

You are less likely to find the right excuses for somebody else, but, it’s easy to find excuses to tell yourself in your own mind.

If you don’t have somebody within your immediate network that has the ability to hold you accountable to the success you’re looking for, I’m going to share with you three different ways that you can find an accountability partner that will drive successful not just for yourself, but for them too.

  1. Networking Groups

There are many networking groups in your area that will have likeminded people that are trying to live bigger, better and brighter lives. You should be actively seeking out those individuals so that you can begin your journey on this path and set up clear milestones along the way.

Going out to networking groups that you can find on applications such as, Meetup and Eventbrite and regularly meeting with other business owners, entrepreneurs and high-performance individuals that also understand the importance of an accountability network. The best part about it is, they are usually FREE!

You will find people that will take you under their wing, many high-performers are actively seeking individuals to help train, mentor and develop.

2. Find a coach or mentor

If you’re not finding that you’re involved with a group of individuals that will hold you accountable and drive you to the success that you are looking for, then find a coach or mentor to give you that accountability.

The world is full of business coaches that SHOULD give you actionable steps that you can take with you after every meeting.

A lot of the time these actions will push you out of your comfort zone and you will grow into a better, more confident business owner/salesman/marketer through the tasks they set out for you.

Some mentors and coaches can carry a heavy price tag because (hopefully) they have already achieved the success that you are looking for in that particular area.

I hope that you now see the value of having somebody to make you accountable for the tasks and goals that you set out for yourself. Make sure you get that accountability partner TODAY! And get out there and become the person that you need to be.

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